30-day Email Marketing Challenge

Review your whole email system to re-engage with your list and increase your sales!

Each day you’ll get an email and course content with tip or a strategy designed to help you become a better email marketer and grow the engagement with your readers. We’re not talking airy-fairy stuff here! These are hands-on, actionable tips and strategies you can use every day to get better results from the emails you send to your list.

Ready to face the challenge?

30-day Email


  • Daily email for 30 days.
  • Daily Lesson Content For 30 days.

Savvy Tech Hub Training Team

We are a training company providing high quality training content. Our training team combines over 35 years as a teachers and trainers in education, and technology companies and 2 awards for best business integrator of the year. All the instructors are formally trained and certified to teach.

Together, we have turned our expertise teaching our members to use online software so they can build efficient business systems without prohibitive cost.